Friday, January 1, 2016

Sitting up

Savannah had a Polar Express Pajama Day at her preschool. She was so excited. She loves going to preschool and wishes she could go everyday. 
 All three of my bald babies at 7 months. My heart could explode!
 I can't take those droopy cheeks! Hudson melts my heart!
 Tammy Lee has been more difficult lately than she normally is. I think she is having a hard time right now bc I hold Hudson a lot. He likes to be held constantly and Tammy Lee's love language is physical touch. I think she is feeling frustrated inside because she is getting as much attention from me. I need to make sure to be more aware of her needs bc when she feels love she is the sweetest little 3 year old. I sure love you T-Lee.
 At 7 1/2 months Hudson is SITTING UP! Hooray!

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