Saturday, January 30, 2016

Rain for days...

People weren't joking when they said it rained a lot in Oregon. I wasn't quite prepared for so many gloomy days back to back to back. I have practically forgotten what the sky looks like by now bc all we see is clouds. ;)
It really makes you appreciate the sun when it does come out and we always take full advantage of no rain and head straight for the park.

Hudson's first time on the swing was a success. He was in heaven and flashed his big open mouth grin the entire time. The girls loved helping and pushing him back and forth.
 When Sav is at preschool and Hudson is napping I get to spend time with just Tammy Lee. She is so darling and I love our conversations. As i was getting ready she wanted to wear one of my necklaces. I let her pick out a lipstick and I put pink lipstick on her and she was in heaven. I love her so much!

 Sav was walking around the house after church in Dads close and I had to snap a picture of her. I have a picture just like this at a similar age. 
 Running errands with little ones can be a lot of work. These two had been so amazing today while I had a couple stores to visit so I got them a sucker.
 T-Lee and Hudson's relationship melts me. She is so sweet to him. She has the cutest baby voice when she talks with him and loves him to be near. It will be so fun to see their relationship as they both grow.
 My heart could explode! 

 Tammy Lee: 3 years 4 months
 Savannah 4 years, 11 months
 Hudson 9 months

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