Sunday, August 7, 2016

Catch up! Beginning of August!

We love the weather in Oregon during the summer time. It is so mild and manageable all day long. We have been going to a lot of splash pads and love getting together with the Warr Family. They only have a couple weeks left before they head home to Utah so we are trying to soak in as much time with them as we can. :(
Hudson is growing so much! He is 15 months but is still not walking. He is getting close though. He will stand and take one or two steps before falling. He is so mischievous. He climbs on everything and tries to get to everything he knows he shouldn't. Once he makes it to the stairs he looks back at me with this big grin and crawls up them as fast as possible before I grab him. While I make dinner he opens up the cabinets and just starts throwing everything out of them. He is a pro at making messes and keeps me on my toes! He is so snuggly and lovable so it makes up for all the messes. ;)
While I was taking a shower Savannah and Tammy Lee were so excited to show me the "creations" they colored on their faces. They asked if I wanted to get my face colored. #joysofmotherhood 
I have really been working hard at preparing for my 10k in September. I have been running and working out a lot. The fitbit has helped me to be very active and work to achieve my goals. It is amazing how much better I feel when I am taking care of my body and health. 

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