Sunday, August 7, 2016

Whitney and Phillip come to town!

Whitey and Phillip came to visit us and we have a blast showing them around Oregon!
They were so sweet and helpful with the girls. 
We hiked up Multnomah falls with the girls on Thursday while Stephen was at work. It was quite an intense hike since it was all uphill and there were a lot of switchbacks. Savannah walked the whole way and was such a trooper. I carried Hudson in the backpack and Whitney and Phillip helped Tammy Lee make it to the top. Once we made it to the top we ate lunch and played in the water. The water was freezing but Savannah didn't mind one bit.
We got a babysitter Friday night and went to Portland to get some ice-cream from Salt and Straw. They have all kinds of interesting flavors and it was worth the long line we stood in. 
We also took them to the coast in Lincoln City. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed playing in the sun and made a fire to roast some marshmallows. 
I am grateful for these fun memories we made!

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