Sunday, August 7, 2016

Nana comes to OREGON!

My mom came to visit us for 7 days and it was such a wonderful time. She not only made me kids the happiest human beings in the world she did our laundry, unloaded the dishwasher,  cleaned, painted our dining room, and helped me shop for furniture for our living room. We loved every minute of having her!
We had so much fun going to the zoo, shopping, going on walks, and just hanging out with each other. Savannah and Tammy Lee have been wanting to do a lemonade stand so I finally made it happen. Anytime someone would pass Tammy Lee would yell, "want a piece of lemonade? It's fwee!" Savannah would turn to her and say, "not a piece T-Lee... It's a cup!"
I will always be grateful for the relationship my mom and I have. She is such a good example. I am amazed out her desire to serve and reach out to those in need. I am grateful my kids have her to look up to in their lives. They adore their NANA!

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