Friday, August 9, 2013

4 years down... eternity to go!

Stephen took the day off work for our anniversary on July 31st and it was so much fun. Can't believe we have been married for 4 years. Crazy how much has happened in those four years. We bought our first home, both received our bachelors degrees, had two darling girls, and Stephen is beginning his second year of law school. It has most deff been the best four years of my life. I am so grateful for him and love him so much!

We had a fun day at the Zoo with the girlies and that night my mom watched the girls so we could go to a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant Carrabas! 

Our dating days! 

First halloween together after being married. We lived in Cambridge Court apartments and dressed up as babies. It took some convincing on my part but Stephen gave in and it was hilarious!

Pregnant with miss Savannah Jane. We found out she was a girl that day.

Christmas time in GA. (Pregnant with Sav)

Wedding day... such good memories!

Savannah a couple weeks old. Can't believe how much time has gone by since then.

Pregnant with Tammy Lee

Tammy Lee 1 month old

Happy Family of four

Love you so much Stephen. So happy your mine forever!!!!!!!

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