Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Savannah 2 1/2 years old

This fun girl has so much personality. She is sweet, spunky, bubbly, social, fiesty, determined, independent, and happy. She is all about having a good time and loves to get out of the house and do fun things. She loves going to the playground, going swimming, going on walks, riding her bike, playing with friends. I am having so much fun watching her grow. She is not so sure about Tammy Lee lately. Some days she loves her and is so great at sharing the toys. Other days she is annoyed by her and doesn't want her to touch the toys she is playing with. But if Tammy Lee is crying or upset Savannah will be the first one there to pat her back and give her the binky or a toy. She is also very protective of Tammy Lee and doesn't like other kids to hurt or take any toys from her.  

She is very independent. LOVES to do things on her own like put on her clothes, get the milk out of the fridge, put her shoes on, buckle her own seatbelt, open her door, etc. She feels so accomplished when she can do these things and I have learned to give her a little extra time because it is so important to her. All day I hear the phrase, "mommy, me do it!" Then, "Look mommy, I did it!" 

I love this age... fiestyness and all!

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