Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stephen is.... HOME!

I can't get to excited because although he is home he is still selling so we only really see him Sat evenings and Sundays. But it is SO much better than not seeing him at all! We missed him like crazy and it was so hard when he was gone. (remind me to never do that again). How do army wives do it? I have no idea? 

 My biggest regret is not recording the moment Savannah saw Stephen for the first time in 4 1/2 weeks. She was so happy she was near tears. She was hugging, kissing, patting his head. It was so sweet. She said, "Hi Daddy" probably 100 times. no joke... she would tell him hi over and over again. She was so thrilled to have him back. She then proceeded to show him all her toys, books, puzzles, snacks etc. She would not let him leave her side!

Here is a load of pics... I have a lot of catching up to do.

Now that Tammy Lee is crawling and getting into everything this picture is a good depiction of her and Sav's realtionship nowadays. Tammy lee crawls, grabs, and attacks Savannah daily while Savannah is pushing her off and asking for my help. All while T-lee has a smile on her face. The joys...

mmmm yogurt!

I could eat her... those cheeks are my fav!

Savannah loves her "nanimals"

My baby is almost 11 months! What? Stop growing!

These two always keep  my laughing. Sav insisted on T-lee getting into her babies stroller. What a good sport tammy lee is.

When she doesn't take a nap at her normal time she usually ends up falling asleep in random places around 4. O and you see that wrap around her arm... she got this teeny tiny cut when playing outside and wanted a bandaid and a wrap. It needed to be extra protected... haha

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