Monday, August 12, 2013

Idaho Reunion

I am a little out of order on my posts but o well. We love our Idaho family reunions every summer. We missed going last summer because we were in Oregon for Chase and Jessie's wedding so it was fun to be back. Stephen was still selling in Texas and wasn't able to make it. We missed him tons but Savannah was in heaven. She loved playing outside with all the cousins and had to be in on all the action. She loved jumping on the trampoline, swimming in the snake river, playing with water balloons, sliding on the slip and slide, painting, playing with the dogs, etc. 
Tammy Lee was intrigued by all the people around and was a little nervous at times with so much going on. She preferred for me to hold her but became more comfortable after we had been there a day or two. 
I have so many great memories of going to my grandmas house in Idaho growing up and it is so fun to watch my girls play and have fun there as well!

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