Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer fun!

It has been a fun summer. These girls keep me so busy! Tammy Lee is crawling now and is all over the place. She loves to climb stairs, open drawers, pull out all the toys, etc. I have tried to plan lots of fun things to go out and do during the day because Savannah loves getting out of the house. She is so much happier when she can go socialize, play, and use up all the energy she has. 

Sometimes being a mom can be exhausting... trying to keep the house clean, feed them, do laundry, grocery shop, run errands, and the list goes on. But I truly LOVE being a mom.... it is so rewarding! I feel so blessed every day that these girls are mine. Stephen and I never imagined how much love we would have for them. They are wonderful!

Tammy Lee is my snuggler. I love when she lays her head down on my chest. Moments like this I just want time to stop.

Bath time is anxiously awaited for at out house. These two make me laugh so hard. Tammy Lee puts up with all Savannah's hug and squeezes like a champ.

Nothing like a choke hold from your sister.

Oh no... my chubby baby is losing all her rolls. Her legs are getting smaller and smaller. At least she still has those big chubby cheeks!

We went and got Snow Cones with Nana after work the other day. I ordered a kiddie size for Savannah and this is what I got. ummmm.... it was HUGE. She had that smile on her face the entire time she ate it.

There T-Lee is snuggling again. HEAVEN!

These pics are the day after Stephen got home from Texas. Even though he is still selling it makes the biggest difference being able to see him sat nights and sundays. We love daddio!

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