Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Sweet Sick Girl

Tammy Lee caught a nasty virus that lasted an entire month. It was pretty awful to say the least. It was really inconsistent and caused a lot of worry and stress trying to figure out what was going on. She would seem to be doing better for a couple days and then would revert back. She would throw up in the middle of the night and then the next day would be completely fine and happy. This went on for about a month on and off. 
The doctor had me take her to get some blood work done. She was amazing when she got pricked. I couldn't believe how still she was sitting. The nurses kept saying she was such an angel and so sweet. After they had got some blood samples and put a bandaid on she looked up at me and started to cry. The nurses were saying how funny it was that she was crying after it was all over instead of during. She is such a doll. Love my sweet brave girl!

This was my view on the days she wasn't feeling so well. She always wanted to be held and snuggled. It was exhausting at times but how can you not smile when you look down at that face.
 She also would wake up super early int he morning around 5 and request cereal. It finally caught up with her after the third morning of being up that early. 
 Another doctor appt. This place was like our second home last month.
 Still smiling and ready for the doctor to check her.
 Headed to get more blood work done because the 1st blood test showed some concerns.
The doctor said she had some cells called blast cells. Which can potentially be a sign of cancer. He said that blast cells can sometimes show up from a virus so he wanted us to wait a week and get more blood work done. Getting a call like that is a great way to completely stress a mom out. It was a hard week of worrying and lots of prayers hoping that her next blood test would be diff.
 Thankfully it was. Her blood test looked great and the doctor said the blast cells must have been from her virus. It has been about a week since she has thrown up so we are hoping whatever she had is passed.

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