Thursday, February 12, 2015

Winter Fever

I have been finding lots of ways to entertain two busy girls inside when it is too cold to go out. These two are at such fun ages and I love that they play and interact so much. 

All ready for church! My sweet beautiful girls!
 When Tammy Lee learns how to smile I will kinda be sad. 
This is her smile when you tell her to say cheese! Its a classic.
 We do lots of fun play dates with cute friends in our neighborhood.
Savannah and Samida are in the same nursery class and are so cute. They love sitting by each other in Primary and always love to play with each others accessories.
 Painting is also a popular activity in our home. 
The girls know the drill... shirts off and then they can paint away!
 FHE was on Daniel in the Lion's Den. After we made some fun Lion crafts. 
The girls look forward to FHE every Monday and know it is always followed by a treat!
 I always have fun trying new things with the girls hair. 
Savannah requested I do Rapunzel hair and this is the best I could do. Lets pretend Rapunzel did her hair like this! ;)

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