Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hives and Allergy Testing

We have had our fair share of doctor visits this winter. Savannah hasn't had any big virus but she broke out in hives one Sunday after eating a trail mix. I thought it was quite odd because she had eaten plenty of nuts in her days and never had any kind of reaction. I gave her some bendryl Sunday afternoon but the hives didn't clear up. I called the doctor the next morning and they said to try one more dose and if nothing happened to bring her in. 
I brought her in later that afternoon and they said I should probably get an allergy test done just to make sure she didn't have any nut allergies.

 The allergy test was not the most enjoyable experience. They pricked Savannah 18 times. Poor kid didn't know what was coming and neither did I. We had to wait 15 minutes to see if she had any reactions. In the picture you can see the top left was reddish. That was the testy and it is suppose to react on everyone. Luckily she had no allergies and was good to go. It is still a mystery as to what caused the hives but it is nice to know she doesn't have any sort of allergy.
 We celebrated and got some ice cream at chick fil a afterward. She was so brave!

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