Sunday, March 20, 2016

Savannah Jane

I can hardly believe Savannah is 5 years old! I remember to well when she was born and it is hard to believe she will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. I am excited but also nervous. Our home isn't as lively and spunky without Miss Savy home. 
Savannah loves preschool and is learning so much right now!
She is always up for fun and makes friends everywhere we go.
She loves to craft and color. She will color pictures multiple times a day.
Savannah loves her friends and loves giving them presents and making cards for them. She is constantly creating things to give to others and loves to make people happy.
She is an amazing helper with Tammy Lee and Hudson. She helps by distracting Hudson and making him laugh when I need to make dinner. She also unbuckles Hudson's and Tammy Lee's seat belts when we are getting out of the car.
She has become so independent and can make her own toast, pours milk in her cereal... etc.
She loves doing the monkey bars and is very athletic and competitive. We really need to get this girl in some sports. 
She loves the bike she got for her bday and says that it is the "fastest bike ever."
It is such a joy watching her grow and learn!
We love you Savannah!

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