Sunday, March 20, 2016

V-Day and St. Pattys Day

I have so much fun decorating and planning special things for the kids during the holidays!
The girls got V-Day packages from Nana, Papa, Grandma, and Granddad. They were in heaven opening their surprised on Valentines day. Stephen and I picked out their fav brand of stuffed animals and had them setting out for them when they woke up!

Tammy Lee is showing of her v-day goodies!
 The girls decorated the window with some fun things from Grandma and Granddad Jett

 We all know I had to have a little fun with their hair!
Poor Hudson was so miserably sick this day. He was covered in hives bc he was allergic to his antibiotic. :(
 My love!

 My heart was breaking for this poor boy who was so miserable!
 Next was St. Pattys Day. Our little Leprechaun friend came and left green juice for Hudson, Lucky Charms and green milk for the girls. They were so giddy and happy. I love the joy simple things like this bring to little kids minds. I was just as happy watching their darling reactions. 
Hudson dutifully picked out all the lucky charms from his tray. This little boy already knows whats good in life. 

 The best part was the girls reaction when they saw our little leprechaun friend had to go potty!! He wasn't very sneaky about it and forgot to flush!

 That night was had a fun dinner with the Lujans. We are so glad we have met some really great friends here in Oregon!

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