Sunday, March 20, 2016

Little Miss Tammy Lee

Here is an update on my fav three year old!
There is no 3 year old that melts my heart as much as this one.
Tammy Lee has the sweetest and most tender soul. She is sensitive and sweet and loves everyone. She will often come up to me and say, "I need mama and T-Lee snuggles." 
I love when I get to have one on one time with her. She likes to play barbies, build with blocks, and read books. 
She loves plopping herself on the counter and "helping" me cook dinner each night. 
She is a pro at setting the table and loves eating dinner as a family.
Her fav dinner I make is spaghetti but she will eat and try pretty much anything.
She gives such sweet and heartfelt prayers.
She always reminds us that we cant forget to read scriptures before bed.
She will often sneak into our bed at night and will snuggle right next to Stephen.
She was very sick at the end of January with pneumonia but quickly recovered after an antibiotic.
She is grinding her teeth a lot at night and we are trying to figure out how to teach her to stop.
She makes Stephen and I so happy!
We love you Tammy Lee!

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