Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 3: Good news

Day 3 has been a better day in the hospital. I have had so many wonderful friends and family come visit me to keep me company and I am so grateful for them. Thank you!
The doctor came in to check my cervix again and because of the medicine they have been giving me to stop my contractions my cervix has shrunk to a 2 1/2 instead of a 4. I was thrilled! This means they may let me go home today on strict bed-rest. I still will have to lie in bed all day and will only be able to get up to go the the restroom or shower but at-least I can be at home in a familiar environment and I can be with Savannah and Stephen. I am also so grateful for everyone who has offered to come over and help with Savannah and for all the prayers sent our way. I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude for you all... even people I don't know as well have offered to help in so many ways. Thank you!

Lets keep our fingers crossed that I get to go home today!!!!

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  1. I'm so so happy to hear it! Love you, you've been in our prayers.