Friday, September 14, 2012

My new life... Day 1.

These last couple days have deff been unexpected. While going to bed Wednesday night I couldn't get comfortable... I just tossed and turned from side to side and blamed it on my big pregnant body. By 1:00 I was having bad back pains and had this feeling (which was no doubt from our Heavenly Father) to just go into the Orem hospital and have them make sure everything was ok. I sure hoped everything was ok and that I wasn't dilated because I was only 33 weeks along. Tammy Lee still needed a lot more time to grow and develop before I could hold her in my arms. I woke up Stephen and told him how I was feeling. I said just stay here with Savannah and if something is serious we can call someone to come over in the middle of the night. I went on my way to the Orem hospital and figured I was just being overly paranoid and that they wold send me home. Once I got there I told them that I wasn't in a lot of pain besides my lower back but I mostly came because I just felt like I needed to. They gave me a list of scenarios of why I may be feeling this way and assured me everything would be fine. They put me on the monitors and T-Lee's heart looked great but I was deff having consistent contractions. For some reason when I am contracting I don't feel pain. At times I will feel my stomach tighten but they are not painful. Next the nurse decided to check me and what happened after this was the scariest experience I have ever been through. She checked me and said, "Jenaca, you are 4 cm dilated and 90 % effaced... you are in active labor. We have to stop this progression fast because who knows how quickly you could progress." A million emotions were running through my body at this point. I was scared, confused, unsure, and mostly terrified of what was to happen next. The nurse then beeped in the other nurse... told her what was going on. They called the ambulance to take me to Utah Valley hospital because they have a much better NICU and they called my doctor to come immediately. They began poking me and prodding me with needles and getting me to swallow pills to slow down my labor and stop my contractions. They gave me a steroid shot in each hip to help little Tammy Lee's lungs develop. By this time Stephen had gotten there and his parents were at the house with Savannah. He was also completely shocked at what was happening and how serious the situation was. Everything seemed so surreal as they laid me on the ambulance bed and wheeled me out of the hospital. I just kept praying asking Heavenly Father to give me comfort and if I was to have Tammy Lee early that she would be ok and the steroid shots could get to her body quickly to help her little lungs grow and develop.
  It was about 3:45 once we got to the Utah Valley hospital. They wheeled me up to my room and put Tammy Lee and I back on monitors. My contractions had slowed down and everything was stabilized. I was asked a million questions and had to sign a million forms until 5:30 that morning. Finally I tried to relax and get some sleep but my body was so restless and anxious... I just laid in the hospital bed in shock. The doctor came in and said that I could be in the hospital up to 4 weeks if they could keep things stable. Their hope is to at least let Tammy Lee grow until I am 36 weeks along. When they said I would have to be here for 3 to 4 weeks I died because I couldn't imagine not waking up and seeing Savannah everyday. How was Savannah going to feel that I was just gone? She won't understand where I went and I didn't want this experience to be traumatic for her. All I could think of was who was going to watch Savannah? Stephen is so busy with law school as well and he can't get home until 7 at the earliest. I knew this was going to be a big adjustment for our whole family.

The rest of the day was hard. I got news I didn't like and wasn't expecting. I struggled sitting and doing nothing all day. I am a productive person so it kills me to sit in a bed all day long and all I could think of was Savannah and how she was doing. I will write about day 2 later today!

I am so grateful for the sweet comments, text messages, voicemail's,  and prayers sent our way. Stephen, Savannah, Tammy Lee and I appreciate them more than you know. I have had so many friends and ward members offer to help watch Savannah, bring meals, and do anything they can to help and we truly feel blessed to know such a great people. Thank you!

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