Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My two girls

Right now I feel like I am living two separate lives. One is at home with Savannah and the other is at the hospital with Tammy Lee. First I will update on Savannah!

Savannah seems so big to me. It is probably because I am comparing her to my little 5 pound baby, Tammy Lee. Savannah is now 19 months old and is full of energy and personality. She is a determined little girl and is so fun to interact with. She loves to read and will point and make the sounds for different animals. She loves to color... and doesn't necessarily always color on paper like she should. She loves when Stephen and I are together and when we can do things as a family. She loves playing outside and coloring with chalk on the cement. She is getting better at talking instead of just using signs. She loves to play hide and seek, get tickled, and be chased. She makes us so happy. I can't believe how fast she is growing up!

I still can hardly believe I can do pigtails. My next goal is to be able to braid her hair. haha She is really good at letting me fix her hair. In the morning after she gets dressed I say, "Savannah do you want to go sit in the sink so we can do your hair." She nods her head yes and sits very still for me... it is so cute.

The fake smile she gives me when I tell her to say cheese for the camera. ;)

Playing hide and seek. Behind the dryer is her favorite spot... I can always count on her being there.

Moving on to Tammy Lee. She is such a trooper. She is under the photo therapy lights for jaundice, she has multiple chords in every direction, she gets pocked and pricked with needles daily, yet she is still sweet as can be. I love the time I get to spend with her and the time I get to hold her during the day. 
Did I mention she is a pro nurser! She does such a great job which the nurses are so surprised about because usually 34 weekers haven't developed the suck, swallow, breath yet. 

We can't wait until Tammy Lee can come home. I wish I knew how much longer but I don't. It is all according to how she does when she gets off the IV's.

Love my 2 girls... SO much!


  1. Tammy Lee is SO adorable! I can totally see the family resemblance. You have a family look! Congratulations. Can't wait to hold cute baby in person. Love you

  2. Wow, you look so much like your mother in that picture with Tammy Lee. I'm so glad that T-Lee is doing well. And I can't wait for her to come home.

  3. She is precious! And I love Savannah's cheesy smile. :)