Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The 14 days of Valentines Day!

I decided to do a little something fun this year for Valentines day for Stephen. It is called the 14 days of Valentines day. It started on the 1st of February and each day he would receive a little gift. Most of the stuff was candy and treats that I got from the dollar store and there were a few things that I threw in there that were a little more expensive... like his actual gift for Valentines day. I got this idea from pinterest... don't you love pinterest? I am kinda obsessed... you probably all realize that if you read my blog.
Anyways here are the fun/small gifts:
(BTW Stephen has loved this)

Day 1: Pop Rocks
-We also gave Savannah some to see what she would do... it was soooo cute.
Day 2: Book of love coupons.
This included a date night to the movies, dinner for 2, watch a sports game together, and a 1/2 hour massage.
Day 3: Bubble Gum
Day 4: Love potion #9.
Stephen loves... I mean loves gatorade. SO i bought a fruit punch flavor, slapped the label in the middle... ta da!
Day 5: Chocolate.
Is it bad that before day 5 got here I had this terrible craving for chocolate. I snuck the Milky Way and had to go buy another one before day 5 came around. Oops! haha
Day 6: Raquetballs.
My dad and Stephen play racquetball together twice a week so I thought these would go perfect for day 6!
Day 7: Some dollar store chocolates.
Day 8: Cupcake
I made some cupcakes and put one inside this little bag for him!
Day 9: Hot tamales.
Stephen doesn't even like hot tamales... but I had to get hot tamales because the tag said so.... and I love them soooo they didn't go to waste ;)
Day 10: Gun... ya I know... cheap right.
At least Savannah loves to play with the colorful balls.
Day 11: I had the hardest time finding crush drinks so I had to settle with Izze. We had never tried them before... they were a little weird... we don't recommend them! It tasted like sparkling water with a little flavor. ehhh
Day 12: 10 things I love about you.
He loved this one... it was fun to watch him read them!
Day 13: His favorite candy.
Day 14: VANS
This was were I splurged. He has been wanting Vans for quite sometime. So his last Valentine gift was a pair of grey vans. He deserves them! I love you Stephen!

I wonder what he has planned for tonight. He told me not to plan anything after 6 and to be ready to go by 6. Maybe dinner and a movie? I have been wanting to see "The Vow." We shall see...

Anyways Happy LOVE day to everyone. I hope you all enjoy it!

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  1. You are so creative! I love that idea, may have to steal it for next year. Hope your evening is fun! I read the book "The Vow" the true story the movie was based off of....incredible story. Now to convince Nate to take me to see.....

    Happy Valentines Day!