Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Shopping Itch

Have you ever had the shopping itch? Sadly, I have it quite often... I love love love to shop! But shopping costs money and I like to save money... especially since Stephen is getting ready to start Law School, and we all know that isn't so cheap! ;)

So I cleaned out my closet... and got rid of all the clothes that just sat there on the hanger week after week. Then I took a little drive to Trendy Exchange. It is a clothing store that buys used clothes and re-sales them. I gave it a try and guess what... it was a success! They bought almost everything I brought and they gave me $47.27 in cash for my clothes. I decided to do a little shopping at Trendy Exchange to see what I could find with the money I was given.

The total after buying the clothes below was $51.02. I used the cash they gave me for my clothes which was $47.27 so all I had to pay out of my pocket was a little over $4.00. How great is that... 7 new outfits only cost me $4.00!

Here is a cute dress I found that can be a fun summer dress or for church. It costed $7.00. (The cardigan was not something I bought at Trendy Exchange... I just added it when I got home)
A cute red and white striped tank originally from Target. The best part is it was only $3.00.
This shirt below is originally from Forever 21... it is actually a maternity top that I thought would work great when I was pregnant again. It was $7.00.
This tank and top came together and was also $7.00.
The flowered shirt was only $2.00 and the black cardigan was $5.00.
I found a long black tank that I have needed for so long. It was $7.00.
The black undershirt was already mine and the blue top was $7.00.
Here they all are... and to think it only costed me about $4.00!
I also liked Trendy Exchange on FB which took an additional $2.00 off my total purchase!

Happy Shopping!

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