Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentines Fun

February is a fun month. Not only is it Valentines day on the 14th but the 19th is Savannah's birthday.
I have had fun decorating for Valentines day. I didn't have any vday decorations so I have made a lot during the last week.

-I printed out some subway art from pinterest
-Made some felt hearts
-Bought wood candlesticks from Hobby Lobby, painted them, bought red candles, and tied ribbon around them
-Made a colorful bouquet of flowers I already had on hand
-Made wood blocks with Kristin and added vinyl
-Made LOVE frames

(QUESTION) I want to add links to show you were I found a lot of the tutorials for the crafts I did. Can someone tell me how to place a link on my page where you only have to click a word and it will take you to the website? Does that make sense?

Here is a quick tutorial on the Love frames.

What you need:
-4 wood frames
-scrapbooking paper
-modge podge
-exacto knife
-vinyl letter or stickers

1st I painted the sides and the back of the frames where the
scrap booking paper was not going to be
Then I modge podged the scrap booking paper onto the frames, let them dry,
and cut the excess with an exacto knife.

So fun... I am becoming obsessed with crafting! ;)


  1. I love February too!! (my birthday & Valentine's Day)
    For the links, when you're drafting a post- there is a blue LINK at the top (near highlighter and where you click to import a picture). You click that button and then you can copy & paste a link over... Hope that makes sense!

  2. Love all your stuff. That LOVE frame idea is so cute. I've been building a V-day collection for years and you have made almost as much in one afternoon. You are amazing.

  3. Jen! love all your fun crafts! i need to learn from you!