Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Celebrating Valentines Day is a little more difficult when you have a child. Finding a babysitter isn't so easy since your parents are celebrating and it is a school night for the Young Women. I just thought we would enjoy a night in, a yummy dinner, and time together at home but Stephen had planned a night out. My parents came and watched Savannah... are we spoiled or what? My parents are so sweet to do that for us on Valentines Day.

It was so weird going to dinner without Savannah since we are so used to it. At the restaraunt we were thinking this is so crazy not having to keep her company in her high chair and feed her all this food to distract her from wanting to get out. It was nice! ;)
Stephen took me to Terra Mia... One of our all time favorite places to eat. Stephen says their pizza is as close to pizza in France that he has tasted. It is so delicious. We enjoyed our little table with a couple roses.
We got 'Thats Amore' pizza... it is delicious. And look how cute, they even shaped it like a heart for Valentines Day!
Then we went to the cinema were Stephen had already bought tickets for "The Vow." Seriously... he is so sweet. I have been wanting to see that movie ever since I saw the trailer... so he surprised me with tickets. The movie ended up being really cute... plus it is based off a true story... which makes it even better.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentines Day!

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  1. super cute and fun! maybe soon we can make it down and go eat pizza together!