Thursday, August 21, 2014

William's Renion 2014: Day 1

Driving to the family reunion was worth ALL the effort. We had so much fun and Savannah and Tammy Lee were so excited to play and run around with all their cousins. 
Usually our William's Reunions are in Idaho but this year we had it in Springville at my parents house. It was a really full house but most days we were gone.
Day 1: we went boating and canoeing.
Day 2: We went on a beautiful hike and had dinner at Chase and Jessie's.

Tammy Lee's love language is deff physical touch. She loves to be held and cuddled by people she loves. Anytime I was looking for Tammy Lee I always found her snuggled in Nana and Papa's arms. She was a little skeptical of all the people so she always stayed real close to us. 
 Savannah on the other hand was always playing. She is so social and loves to have a good time. She became fast friends with her cousins even though they don't see each other often. 

 Tammy Lee was content scooping the sand in the bucket over and over again.
 This was the first time the girls had been on a boat. Once we took off Savannah could not stop laughing. Tammy Lee fell asleep within seconds. I think she liked the movement of the boat and was sound asleep in Derrick's arms. 
Uncle Chase letting Tammy Lee drive ;) She kept moving his hands off the wheel in hopes that she could drive by herself. 

 Love my cute cousins. I have so many good memories with them growing up at our William's Reunions. 
 Savannah was so cute coaching me with Derrick while I was wake surfing.
She would say:
"Mom try again!"
"Hold on tight this time okay mom."
"Mom are your otay?"
"Good job mom!"
Everyone got a good laugh listening to her coach me!
 Todd was such a cutie. Savannah and him are only a month apart and had a blast running around together.

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