Thursday, August 21, 2014

Reunion: Day 2

Day 2 we hiked Squaw Peek. It was a 3 mile hike and half way we stopped at a big waterfall. Savannah walked most the time and loved every minute of it. She was so happy to hang out with Uncle Chase for the first mile, then Aiden helped out, along with Jacob. She would talk their ear off and tell them all kinds of stories and they were so sweet to listen and respond. Tammy Lee fell asleep for half the hike and she was passed from one person to the other. Everyone was so great to help with the little kiddos since Stephen wasn't there. 
Hiking is such a fun family activity. It will deff be something we do again soon!

Nana and Savannah all ready to start hiking!
 Tammy Lee trying to figure out who was holding her.
 Jen and Jen
 Savannah feeding Chase some leafs. ;)
 Aiden and Savnnah. She was in heaven having so much attention!
 My little Tammy Lee being such a trooper even though she was so tired and it was right during her nap time. 
Mom, me and Tammy Lee resting on a rock and enjoying the pretty waterfall.
 Savannah and Chase are both little dare devils. Chase took Savannah through the waterfall and shortly after many people followed in their footsteps. Savannah loved every minute of it.

 When T-Lee saw Savannah go in the waterfall she turned to Nana and wanted a turn. Papa let Tammy Lee feel the waterfall spray and they were all smiles.

We had so much fun and made so many memories.

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