Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mini swimming pools and Ice cream with Nana!

In Texas and Oregon we had a swimming pool in our apt complex and we went at least 3 times a week.
Stephen would take Savannah every Saturday and he would teach her how to swim for a good two hours. Savannah loved the water and was so sad when we came home and no longer had a swimming pool to play in whenever we wanted. 
I decided to get creative since our plastic little pool broke. I had some storage tubs in the garage and we grabbed some bath toys to put inside them. The girls were thrilled and both had huge smiles on their faces. We have enjoyed this summer so much and will be sad when it ends. 

 Nana didn't have work on Wednesday and treated us to some BYU Creamery ice cream. It was such a tasty treat and it is always fun to spend time with Nana. 

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