Friday, August 8, 2014

Flash Back Friday and Private Blog

Since we have been gone this summer I have been updating my blog on Stephen's laptop. I have found a lot of old pictures that he uploaded from when he had his first iphone. I wanted to post a handful of them that brought back good memories. 
I also said a while back that I was going to make my blog private but never ended up doing it. I am going to do it for real this time so once again leave a comment with your email if you want me to include you in the list. 

Here are some flash back friday pics:
You can't see this picture below very well but this is at the Atlanta Temple and that was the first day Stephen and I met doing baptisms. He is sitting on the ground and I am in back (third from the left) in a black dress. 
 Stephen took this when we were dating and he came to visit in Idaho. I wanted to include this because I look like a baby. Weird how young I look in this pic.

 Savannah's first Easter. I can't believe how little she looks. She was my teeny baby.
 She had the cutest cheeks with the fullest lips. 
 Almost every weekend we would go out with the Young's and our little ones would always tag along.
 Savannah gave the "stink eye" back then as well.
 Cute Savannah and Pregnant mom!
 A few hours after Tammy Lee joined our family. I remember this so well… so many emotions.
 My sweet girl in the nice trying to grow and be ready to come home.

 Sitting up and staring with those beautiful eyes.
 haha Sav looks so happy and Tammy Lee looks so concerned.

Those bring back good memories. Don't forget to leave your email address if you want to be invited to read this blog.


  1. I want to keep reading your blog!

  2. i would love to!