Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Festivities!

Alterra put on a fun fundraiser that was full of Christmas games for the youngins. We wanted to contribute and it ended up being a lot of fun for Sav and T-Lee.

Tammy Lee wasn't so sure about Santa but she didn't cry. And don't let Sav's half smile fool you... she talked about sitting on Santa's lap for the rest of the week. When he asked what she wanted for Christmas she said, "Chicken and Candy" hmmm interesting! ;)

The fundraiser was full of fun games. Little "elfs" would pop their heads out of the box and the kids would bop their heads. Savannah loved this game!

Tammy Lee was a little skeptical of all the crazyness at first but she warmed up and joined in on all the action.

Craft making station... I had to join in on this one!

Chase and Jessie took T-Lee to the chalk hair station. Notice the red tint in her hair!

O look... Sav joined with the "elfs" and she popped her head out instead!

Butterfly face paint!

We had a lot of fun.. and it was for a great cause!

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