Monday, December 9, 2013


These pictures are self explanatory but read on if you want to know the details...

My little Savannah LOVES painting her nails. She gets so excited when I get the nail polish out and has so much fun picking a color and getting her nails all pretty. She also notices everyone else who has nail polish and always says, "I lub your nails." 
One morning she asked me if I could paint her nails. I said sure but first I need to change Tammy Lee's diaper and get her down for a nap. I brought the nail polish down to the bannister and went upstairs to get Tammy Lee dressed and changed for her morning nap. 
As I am changing Tammy Lee upstairs I smell the strong scent of nail polish and think, "oh no!" As I go downstairs the smell is even more powerful and there savannah is just painting away all over her feet. When she sees me she is so proud and says, "look mommy, I painted my toes." uhhhh ya you did.. as well as your face and the carpet. She quickly realized I was not thrilled. 
She now knows that only mommy can paint nails. 
The joys of a curious toddler... gotta love her! ;)

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