Monday, December 30, 2013

Time Out for Women!

Towards the end of November we had a girls weekend and headed to SLC Fri afternoon for Time Out for Women. Of course we had to stop at the outlets first and spend some money. You can't go on a girls trip without getting some shopping in. It was my first time being away from the girls overnight but knowing they were left in good hands with daddio I survived. It was a needed break and we all had a BLAST. 
I had never been to Time Our for Women and I highly recommend it. There were so many amazing speakers and it was very spiritual and SO uplifting. We are making it our new annual tradition!

Love my mom and my awesome sister in law Jessie!

One of my favorite things was getting millions of texts from Stephen with pictures of the girls. He is the cutest dad and I loved that he would update me. He had a great time with them and appreciated me so much more. Thats what I like to here!
Here are the pics he sent me throughout the day...

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