Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Iphone overload...

Little miss Tammy Lee cheesin for the camera. I love her little personality. So adventurous, curious, sweet, and cuddly!

Snuggly sisters!

Have I mentioned how much Tammy Lee loves Stephen? It is seriously so cute. As soon as he gets home she likes to take all his attention. She snuggles with him, follows him everywhere, and always wants to be held by him. Too cute!

PINK bath... say what?

Savannah is really into dressing herself lately. This is one of many outfits she comes up with. Polka dot pants, church dress, silver boots, and pink jacket. Yesterday she came down in leggings and a long sleeve shirt but had a tutu and a short sleeve on top. ;)

Love this view!

Notice what our pillow is...

My cute cousin and her boyfriend come to visit now and again and they are so sweet to Savannah. She loves Whitney and Phillip!

She kills me... I love those eyes!

Savannah snuggled up next to Stephen and said... "Mommy take a picture."

Savannah was thrilled when she woke up and I showed her the snow outside. She asked me all morning to go out and we finally made it outside. She was laughing so hard and kept telling me that the snow was getting her eyes. 

My cute little niece and nephew spent a couple days with us while their parents were out of town. They all had a lot of fun and played so well together. I am so glad Savannah has some cousins her age on Stephen's side.

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