Thursday, July 17, 2014

A week in our life...

It has been a nice and fun week. We tend to get out of the house a lot in the summertime. It keeps me sane and I think it keeps the girls sane as well. We brought very few toys while we have been traveling and I enjoy exploring and trying new places with my little side kicks. 
This is our typical week day schedule:
The girls wake Stephen and I up around 7:00, Stephen leaves to work by 8:00, I get my self and the girls ready, we eat breakfast and are off by 9:00. Some mornings we go grocery shopping, other mornings we go to the park, and sometimes we go to different museums. 
We get home around 11:00 and we eat lunch and have nap time.
 During the later afternoon we sometimes take a walk, sometimes we schedule a play date, and other times we go swimming. 
Around 4:00 we come back home and wind down a bit. The girls usually pick a fun craft or color. Around 5:30 I get dinner started and they get to watch a t.v show. While they are distracted I cook and then Stephen gets home around 6:30. 
We eat dinner, clean up, give the girls bath, play, and then bed time is at 7:30.
That is what our days are like.

Tammy Lee is my little snuggler. She loves to be held and cuddled. 
This particular day we made froot loop bracelets. I don't know if they enjoyed making the bracelets or eating the froot loops more. They aren't used to eating sugary cereals and they thought fruit loops were pretty great.
We had a tasty dinner at Ken and Molly's house Sunday evening. This is a pic of the girls enjoying dessert on the back deck.
They had chickens in the back yard. I wish you could hear all the squeals and giggles 
that were coming out of their mouths.

Tammy Lee was more interested in putting stickers on mom 
than she was of putting stickers on the paper. ;)
Savannah has always loved playing in the water since she was little. Tammy Lee is much more cautious when it comes to water. She is not a fan of splash pads bc she hates when water splashes on her face. While Savannnah played... Tammy Lee and I were the side line snackers!
I LOVE coming home from the grocery store and filling our fridge. Is anyone else like this?
I just love having a freshly stoked fridge and pantry.
Swimming fun with my little fish.
We are trying to try out every park in Beaverton before we leave.

Snapped a couple pics of me and my girls. Love them SO much!

Tammy Lee is attempting to do an under dog in this pic. 
It didn't end well in case you were wondering. Poor kid!

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  1. Your summer is looking so fun. You are such a great mom. I bet your kids are loving all the adventures. And you look gorgeous, always.