Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sir Charles Court

Like I have said before we came with only what we could fit in our van. I searched and searched for a furnished apt but unless we wanted to spend $2500 or more a month we weren't going to get one. Something we have learned this summer is you really don't need much as long as you are together as a family. We are sleeping on the floor and living with very little yet it has been the most memorable summer and we have had a blast. 

I finally bought a little card table at Target so we were no longer eating on the floor.
Enjoy a couple snaps of our new apt for the next couple months in Oregon.

The best part about this apt is is that the washer and dryer are inside the apt instead of on the deck like our apt in Texas. haha


I posted the following pics on instagram and here is what I said:
This picture captures a couple things... 1. Yes, that is our bed in the background. (the joys of traveling) 2. Yes, I am eating on the floor (we don't have a table yet) and 3. You may wonder why I'm eating in a bedroom... great question. That is so I can eat ALL my breakfast without sharing it. I better hurry and eat before a little one finds me! #momlife
Well that didn't last long... look who found me and look who wants to eat my food. 

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