Saturday, July 26, 2014

Time is flying by...

They have so many fun indoor and outdoor parks in Beaverton. Last weekend Stephen and I took the girls to eat pizza with an all you can eat area along with a fun playground for the kids. 
The girls loved it and it was nice to eat and enjoy our food while watching the kiddos play.

It was a bit rainy this week in Oregon so we tried to get creative inside. We filled a big bucket of water with toys and this entertained these two for a while. I love hearing them laugh and play together. By the end they were both soaking wet!

 These two give me heart attacks. They like to climb everything. 
Tammy Lee wants to do everything
Savannah is doing.

We had a great week! We only have 3 more weeks in Oregon. This summer has flown by SO fast. It will be fun to be back home, see family/friends, and get our lives back in order but we will miss all these fun adventures. 

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