Sunday, July 6, 2014


We have made it to Oregon and the drive was only 12 hours instead of 24 this time. We drove separate cars bc Stephen would need to drive to work instead of taking the bus like he did in TX.
Oregon is beautiful. Trees are everywhere and I never realized how much i missed the trees from Georgia until seeing them again.  Savannah asks daily if we are going to a new house again. After the new apartments and all the hotels we stayed in the poor kid thinks moving from place to place often is a normal thing. Luckily she loves to explore and thinks it is the coolest thing ever. Tammy Lee doesn't mind either. As long as her pack and play with her binky and blanket comes along she is a happy camper.

I asked Stephen to grab the girls some ice cream since they had done so well driving all day. In my mind I was thinking little kiddie cones. He came back with adult size frosties. haha The girls acted as if they had just won the lottery.

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