Monday, July 7, 2014

Fishtails and Farmer's Market

Something that I love about Oregon is that they have Farmer's Markets in every city. They are a big deal here and they are packed with fresh produce and all kinds of food to eat. We had fun exploring, buying a few things, and playing at the park and splash pad.

I attempted a fish tail braid. It was a little tricky bc I have so many layers that kept popping out but it was fun to try something different than my typical side braid.
Fresh cherries from the farmers market. Heavenly!!!
They had a splash pad near the farmers market and Sav wanted to play in it so badly. We told her to go ahead and run through it with her clothes on but she wasn't to fond of that idea. She eventually gave in and had a blast.
Tammy Lee loves going up and down little slides over and over again. It always takes her a couple minutes to build up the courage to go down a new slide for the first time but once she does she will go over and over again.

The girls have enough figurines to last them a life time.

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  1. so fun! Missing you guys! ps we bought a mini van! We joined the club!