Sunday, July 6, 2014

Our last week in Texas!

 Our last week in Texas was fun and busy! Stephen left for Atlanta for four days to attend BCG. BCG stands for Boston Consulting Group. He was given an amazing opportunity that only a select few law students get and he had a great time. He left on Tuesday and would be back Friday night. We were planning on leaving early Saturday morning so that meant I was in charge of all the packing and cleaning. It was quite the task but I got it all done and we were able to leave early Saturday morning. 
We had a lot of fun our last week spending time with friends and playing outside. I really love Texas! The weather wasn't my favorite but the people were amazing and I loved the area we lived in. 

Stephen and Sav sleeping in the same position.
One of the saddest parts about leaving Texas is saying bye to my life long friend Veronica and her cute family. Tammy Lee must have known we were leaving soon because the last day we saw them she was giving V lots of snuggles. ;)
 Savannah still talks about Avery and asks if we can play with her often.
 Savannah met Gentry in our ward and we did a couple play dates together. Gentry's mom was 38 weeks pregnant with their second and was a trooper in the Texas heat.
 Another part about Texas that I loved was that we lived 10 min away from a Trader Joes. I now know why people LOVE that store. They also have cute little kid carts and the girls looked so cute pushing them around. They have a little stuffed turtle they hide in the store to occupy the little ones. Once they find it they can pick something from the treasure box.
 The picture above is how I was feeling when Stephen left. Grateful he doesn't go on to many business trips.

There was no possible way we could fit our double stroller in the van so we had to do with the umbrella stroller. It was tricky at times and these two cracked me up when they tried to solve the problem.
 Can't forget all the fun we had with STACEY. She is seriously the best. Came and helped me pack on Friday and always came to play with us. We miss her already.

 Savannah being my little helper and washing the windows.
 Love my little girls!

GOODBYE TEXAS! We miss you!

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