Sunday, May 3, 2015

Friday (April 24, 2015)

Friday April 24, 1015
     After getting up the next morning, my contractions had slowed down. They decided to send me home again on bed rest. I was so happy to be going home but was so tired of all the contractions and discomfort I was in. Stephen was graduating that night and I so badly wanted to be able to make it to see him graduate after 3 years of law school. The doctor gave me the okay as long as only walked from the car to the building. I was so happy! I got ready and drove to the graduation with Stephen’s parents, sister, and the girls. Right before we arrived, I started to feel contractions again along with intense pain in my back. I didn’t say anything to anyone in hopes that it would go away. As I got out of the car my mom met us and asked me if I was ok. I couldn’t hold back the tears and told her that the contractions were starting again. I sat down and immediately felt nauseous. I told her we needed to get back to the hospital. We got in her car and as we were driving to the hospital I broke down. I hadn’t yet cried but the last couple days had been so hard. I was physically hurting and I was so worried about having Hudson before he was ready to come. We got to the hospital, got hooked back up on the monitor, and they gave me another nifedipine. I was having contractions every 8 minutes and so they once again gave me meds to relax my uterus. After slowing things down again they let me go and said that next time to not come unless my contractions were 3 – 5 minutes apart and I couldn’t talk or breath during them. I promised myself at that point that the next time I went to the hospital I would know for sure that the baby was coming. They sent me home and that night was really hard. I hadn’t gotten much sleep the last couple nights from the pain and my body was extremely exhausted. I was still having contractions every 7-8 minutes that were very uncomfortable. As I laid in bed I would drift off to sleep to wake up to a contraction moments later. I got in the bath multiple times that night to try and give myself some relief. Around 3 am the contractions finally slowed down enough and I got a couple hours of sleep. I stayed in bed sleeping on and off until around 2:30 pm on Saturday.

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