Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mom of three! (May 16th-27th)

Being a mom of three is busy. I am learning how to juggle three kids now that Hudson has been home a couple weeks. It is tricky feeding him every two hours while having two toddlers running around who still need a lot of help but I am starting to get the hang of things.
 We are all SO in love with Hudson. Savannah is so helpful and loves to hold him on her chest after I feed him. She sings him songs and loves when he wraps his hand around her finger.
Tammy Lee also LOVES to hold him as well and will ask me often. She isn't quite as gentle when she hugs but she is learning. She kisses his head over and over and if he is ever crying she assures me that all he needs is a kiss from her. 
Our little Hudson has a lot of love!

 First grocery trip with all three. It went more smoothly than I was expecting.
 Trying to entertain these two since we have been inside a lot lately. They had a blast!

 Tammy Lee must have thought this was a treat. She learned very quickly that it didn't taste to great!

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