Sunday, May 3, 2015

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

Saturday April 25, 2015
By Saturday afternoon, I was feeling so much better. The contractions had slowed significantly and I had an appetite again and wasn’t throwing up.  I ate some dinner and enjoyed being with Stephen and the girls. I was so relieved to not be in pain and didn’t know how long it would last so I took advantage of it. I slept amazing Saturday night and was so grateful. I so desperately needed a good night of sleep after the lack of sleep I had gotten the last couple of nights. I continued to take the nifedipine the doctors prescribed to help my uterus from contracting.
Sunday April 26, 2015
I was still feeling better on Sunday. I tried to take it easy and not do too much. It was nice not to be on strict bed rest like I was with Tammy Lee. The doctor said I could walk around the house as long as I didn’t do any lifting or anything like pushing a vaccum or deep cleaning. I decided to do low key things like sitting and folding the laundry. I brought the bar stool over and sat while loading the dishwasher. I also sat on the barstool and dusted the blinds. It was nice to feel productive and to get things done. Stephen went to church with the girls and then we enjoyed Sunday dinner with my family. I was still feeling really great and was so relieved to not be feeling so many contractions like I had previously.
Monday April 27, 2015
I had my doctor apt Monday morning at 9:15 am. I was so grateful that I made it to this point and was able to go to the apt. I got an ultrasound first and Hudson was doing great. They took a 3d image of him that I looked at over and over again and it made me smile. It was so fun to see the outline of his face even though he was so squished in my belly. Once I saw the doctor, I asked him not to check my cervix because I noticed that every time I was checked it would rile up my contractions and would make things worse. He agreed and said we would wait until my next apt. By Monday night, I was feeling a lot of tightening but wasn’t in a lot of pain. I took a nifedipine and went to bed and slept great until around 4:30 am…

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