Sunday, May 3, 2015

New chapter:

It has been a fun month! A lot is happening and lots of changes will occur in the next couple months. Stephen is days away from graduating from law school. I am almost 34 weeks pregnant. We are getting ready to put our home up for sale and will be moving to Oregon in August.
We are excited for this next chapter in our lives!

Sav and I were enjoying some taffy after the felt baby shower.
 Each of the pregnant mama's were sent home with these beautiful tulips. I love having fresh flowers in my home!
 I still can't believe we are having a boy! 
 Tammy Lee is 2 1/2 and makes us laugh constantly. She is so funny, independent, and sweet.
 Just doing make-up with mama!
 Savannah has had a fun month going to her friends birthday parties. Left to right: Olivia, Savannah, Samida, and Chelsea. (Don't forget Tammy Lee is the back)

 Grandma Jett watched the girls and we had a girls day shopping, eating lunch, and chatting.

Stephen finished his last final and we were celebrating with our family at Brick Oven! 
 Stephen was busy doing yard work so these girls had fun playing out in the sun!

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