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Hudson's Birth Story April 28, 2015

Tuesday April 28, 2015
I woke up Tuesday around 4:30 am. I was feeling some contractions and took a nifedipine right away. At around 5:00 am I started to time how far apart they were on my phone. They started out about 4 minutes apart: 5:00, 5:04, 5:08, 5:12, 5:16 etc. I continued to lay in bed thinking the nifedipine would kick in. At 6:00 they became 3 minutes apart. At this point they were quite painful but I could still talk during them I was just in a lot of discomfort. I rolled over and told Stephen that this might be it. Stephen didn’t seem so sure since we had gone through this a total of 3 times now and were sent home from the hospital. I too wanted to wait it out a little longer to make sure it was the real deal. I called my parents and let them know that this may be it so they could get ready to come to the hospital. By 6:30 I was in a lot of pain and told Stephen we needed to leave. He called his parents and they said they could be there in 40 minutes. He jumped in the shower and while he was showering I went to the bathroom and noticed that I was bleeding. It startled and scared me a bit because the doctor always told me to come in right away if I ever started bleeding. Stephen oh so kindly was taking his sweet time. I still don’t think he quite realized how serious this was. The girls were still sound asleep and by this point it is about 7:00 am. My contractions were now about 2 minutes apart and I started to hustle. I told Stephen to hurry and call someone to come over until his parents could make it over. I didn’t know how long it would be and I knew we needed to leave asap. He called my visiting teacher but she didn’t answer. Next he tried our next-door neighbor Ashley. This was their conversation:
Stephen: Hi Ashley, this is Stephen. Jenaca is having labor pains and I am wondering what you are doing?
Ashley: I am just getting the girls ready for school.
Stephen: Oh are you? I was going to see if you could possibly come over for a minute until my parents got here but if you are getting them ready for school that probably wont work. (I am literally dying that he isn’t saying WE NEED YOU NOW…HURRY!!!) But I couldn’t talk at this point I was in so much pain.
Ashley: Oh, it’s ok just give me a minute while I get Kaitylnn dressed.
We waited in the driveway until we saw her open her front door to walk over to our house. As soon as I saw the front door open, I told Stephen to hurry and go! It was now 7:18am and we were pulling out of the driveway. Stephen then stopped, rolled down his window, and started to thank Ashley. I turned to him and yelled, “GO!!!” Stephen was in a bit of shock because that is not like me. He still didn’t realize how bad it was and how quickly we needed to get to the hospital. We were hitting every light on university parkway and I now my contractions are SO close and SO intense I was extremely scared that we were not going to make it. I am still not super vocal so during the contractions I would groan and cute Stephen trying to help in any way begins to ask me if I want a banana. I didn’t respond and once again he asks me if I wanted a banana. I was so mad I wanted to throw that banana out the window. Of course I don’t want a banana… I feel like I am dying and you ask me if I want a banana. I want to get to the hospital babe… just please hurry and get me to the hospital. Haha While passing the old RC Willey on University I began to feel an urge to push that was unlike anything else. I physically could not stop myself from pushing when a contraction would come. I literally had NO control. It was terrifying. I started to feel light headed and thought I was going to pass out. I don’t think I was breathing well during the contractions and my hands and face started to tingle. At this point, Stephen started to calm me down and tell me how close we were. He was speeding fast and had his emergency lights on. We arrived at the hospital at 7:32 am. He left the car on, ran and got a wheelchair and took me straight into the hospital while the car was still running. While entering I started another contraction and was groaning so loud. A man saw and ran to get the elevator for us. We made it to the 4th floor and as we walked in I hit another contraction. The front desk lady jumped on the phone and said, “A woman is bearing down she is going to have this baby any minute her her in a room.” She told us the room and we got to it as quickly as possible. Seconds later a team of about 10 people came in. We got into the room at 7:25 am. I was gripping onto the side rail begging them to help me. The pain was unreal and I was trying to cope but couldn’t even think straight. I have never had a baby natural but at this point I knew I had no choice. The nurse checked me…said I was complete and that she could feel the babies’ head. The doctor broke my water and it felt like a waterfall came out of me. And for a second I had a small amount of relief because there was so much pressure from all that water. Next they had my legs in the stern ups and said when you have a contraction just start pushing because the baby is right here. With my previous babies I had an epidural so they would tell me when to push. This was a completely different experience because my body was telling me when to push and I just followed its lead. I was in some serious pain while pushing because I could feel EVERYTHING. The nurse described it as the ring of fire and there really is not better way to say it. It was very painful. The doctor and nurse kept telling me how great I was doing and kept encouraging me. I pushed about 5 times and Hudson was born at 7:41 am on April 28, 2015. We made it to the hospital room and I had him 6 minutes later. The second he was born all the pain I had just experienced was gone. The pain came back shortly after when I had to get stitched but I was on a high. It was so empowering to have a baby natural. It is hard to describe how I felt.
   When he come out it was really scary. He was blue and was unresponsive. I kept waiting for the cry but nothing was happening. The doctor was suctioning his mouth and nose and I kept saying, “Is he ok? What’ wrong?” The doctor said not to worry and they just need to rile him up a bit. They took him over to a bed by the door and I couldn’t see what was going on anymore. Seconds later my mom and dad walked in the door and were in complete shock when they saw a baby. They thought they were in the wrong room and then my mom saw me. She couldn’t believe I had already had Hudson because she had talked to us 10 minutes earlier when we were driving to the hospital. She figured I would have him a couple hours later and they would for sure make it with plenty of time. I kept looking over at Hudson from the hospital bed but couldn’t see what was going on. I would hear a couple cries here and there but I knew he was having a hard time. The doctor from the nicu asked everyone to step back and give him space. They started to lift his arms, poke his tummy and sides to try and get him to respond. He was still purplish blue and Stephen said it was really hard to see them lifting his limbs and watching them flop back on the bed. They put some oxygen on his mouth and took him to the nicu right away. We had no idea how much he weighed or anything like that. While I was delivering the placenta and while the doctor was stitching me up I kept asking him if everything was ok. He assured me that everything would be fine.
   Stephen and my dad went and gave Hudson a blessing in the nicu and when they came back they said he was doing much better. His skin was now a normal color and they had him hooked up to monitors and he was breathing on his own. It was such a relief and I just continued to pray and thank Heavenly Father that everything was ok. I tested positive for group b strep but was unable to get the antibiotic in my system because I had Hudson so quickly. Since group b can be passed to babies and can be extremely dangerous we were really nervous about this. They said they give preemie babies the antibiotics right away just in case they have the infection to hopefully catch it before it can become dangerous. Hopefully if he did get it the antibiotic will take care of it and it won’t get worse. I am truly grateful for modern medicine and all they can do nowadays. It was a very wonderful, scary, beautiful, stressful and amazing morning. I feel so much love for our little boy and am so grateful that Heavenly Father has placed him into our family and I get to be his mother.   

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